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Introduction to This Group

Greetings from our newsgroup family, in which we discuss thyroid and related disorders and treatment. Posts from newbies are always welcome, and there are no stupid questions. The emphasis in our group is on support.

Some posts are off-topic with humo(u)r and other discussions, and "OT" (off-topic) is usually in the subject line for these posts. This way, individuals don't have to read non-pertinent information. Newsservers can also be programmed not to download posts with "OT" in them. Feel free to join in, though—fun can be part of getting well.

About This Site

With so many informative sites already online, why add another one about thyroid conditions? In addition to our wanting a place to introduce, the answer is because there are so many sites. If you don't know where to jump in, take a look at our compilations of references to what's out there. We've included what we consider to be some of the clearest and most accurate sites, but the lists are not meant to be all-inclusive; they are starting points. We've provided links to specific subjects, both at websites and in our archives. We've compiled URLs and testimonials, and we've written a couple of articles to bring some of the information together. Since we still have individual opinions, we've included only subjects that thyroid patients generally agree on.

The purpose of this site is to add to what the newsgroup offers. With the tools at this site, we hope that it's easier to find answers to common questions, as well as some thyroid-related information that isn't readily accessible elsewhere. We're still at to discuss whatever comes up, and—sometimes—to provide different points of view.

Where to Begin

The Recommended Resources and Fast Facts pages at this site provide a good starting point for information about thyroid conditions. You can find answers to some FAQ from there, as well as from our Archives Selections compilations. Topics include hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto's, Graves', Thyroid Eye Disease (TED), thyroid cancer, thyroid tests, TSH levels, T3 supplementation, RAI, doctors, medication, food, weight loss, adrenal insufficiency, and more.

We have tried to make the answers to many questions easy to find. We hope this site is helpful, but please feel free to post any questions. No question is too basic or too embarrassing. You'll find a pool of knowledge in this group, as well as many personal experiences to be shared.


While we advocate patient education, the information here is not intended as a substitute for medical care. Please consult with your doctor regarding any decisions that might affect your health.

To Find and Get to Know Us

For instructions on how to get to and post in, go to Find Us and Posting Guidelines.

To go straight to in Google, click here.

Read an interview about us: "An In-Depth Look at the People and History Behind Usenet's Thyroid Support Newsgroup."

Our Appreciation thanks the following people:

  • Robert Tait, who started the newsgroup in 1996. Read about it in the interview with Mary Shomon.

  • Mary Brennan, who created the first (but no longer in existence) website.

  • Mary Shomon, who first provided the idea, the formatting, and the home for our web pages. See for some of Mary's links.

since July 29, 2001.